At the “intersection” of Main Street and Interstate 65 in Louisville sits a landmark that is impossible to miss. Travelers through Spaghetti Junction inevitably see Louisville Slugger Field, the home of the AAA Louisville Bats. The stadium is visible, whether moving from the North, South, East, or West.

Louisville Slugger Field is impossible to miss.

That’s what Proverbs 8:2 says about wisdom: “At the heights overlooking the road, at the crossroads, she takes her stand” (HCSB). The Message Translation puts it this way: “She’s taken her stand at First and Main, at the busiest intersection.”

Why, then, are so many people lacking wisdom? Why do so many make unwise decisions? Why does foolish behavior and thinking dominate our society?

Here are three reasons:

1. Most people don’t want wisdom. Our sinful hearts push us away from the things of God, away from His wisdom. If we submit to God’s wisdom, we are no longer in charge of our lives, no longer calling the shots on the decisions we make. Let’s face it, most of our foolish behavior stems from the fact that foolish behavior is what our sinful natures prefer.

2. Most people don’t know wisdom when they see it. It’s not hiding, but it’s often overlooked. Wisdom looks like foolishness in the eyes of most people. Delayed gratification? No, thanks. Wait on God? I don’t have time. Travel a path different from most everyone else? I’ll stick with the crowd. Though it is impossible to miss, wisdom is often misunderstood.

3. Most people don’t go where wisdom is located. We often spend too much time around people our own age, in our own stage of life, and of the same opinions as us. As believers in Christ, we are urged by Scripture to go where wisdom is, be around those who are wise, and follow their example. If you are a young person, that means you must listen (really listen) to older and wiser believers; you must also diligently follow their example. If you are an older person, you must remember that you have not cornered the market on wisdom simply because of being older. There is always more to learn, always more wisdom to gain, always more maturity to attain.

Wisdom is not hiding. Go after it, look for it, get yourself around people who have it.

Here’s a prayer:

Lord Jesus, Make me wise. Help me to want it, to recognize it, and to go where it is located. I know that your wisdom will make me different and often uncomfortable. Have your way in my, anyway. Amen.