In recent years, a welcome trend occurred across the baseball landscape. Old, multipurpose, “cereal bowl” stadiums were razed in favor of new ballparks with a classic look and feel. There is something unique about each one. An often-overlooked unique feature in each ballpark is the public address announcer. As the quirks of baseball would have it, many PA announcers are as beloved as the team and stadium. In many cases, the announcer fits the look and feel of the stadium and organization.

For example, in Cincinnati, Joe Zerhusen, has a fun and almost bouncy, yet booming, tone to his voice. For years at Yankee Stadium, Bob Sheppard’s classic and professional sounds filled the air. Whether the voice is fun or professional, he or she (see San Francisco) still has one job: inform those in attendance of important information. This is accomplished through amplification and articulation. In short, you really have to be distracted not to hear and understand what the PA announcer says.

Check out Proverbs 8:1–“Doesn’t Wisdom call out? Doesn’t Understanding make her voice heard?” (HCSB).

I’m always amazed at those who want to claim “I didn’t know what would happen,” or, “I had no idea it would lead to this.” Like a person attending a game and not hearing the announcer is the person who goes through life and does not see or learn any wisdom or understanding. This verse makes it clear that wisdom and understanding are not hiding. They are not found only by those with incredible investigative skills. Quite the opposite.

God has positioned His voices of wisdom all around. Parents, coaches, teammates, pastors, teachers, mentors. They are everywhere. It is only the fool who is so distracted by living for himself and his pleasure that does not hear wisdom and understanding calling out.

Whether you need wisdom as a player, coach, parent, spouse, teacher, or student, it is available. In His goodness, God has placed several voices of wisdom in your life. They are calling out. It’s time to listen.

Here’s a prayer:

Lord Jesus, I know that you are the wisdom of God personified, calling out to me each day. Wherever you see foolishness in me, reveal it and replace it with your wisdom. Thank you for the voices of wisdom and understanding you’ve placed in my life. Help me to honor you and honor them by paying attention. Amen.