On every team, there are several types of players. Two in particular are of interest: those who take initiative and those who must be told every move to make.

The initiators are the leaders and always will be. They don’t wait for instructions because they already know the right thing to do. These guys aren’t reckless, but they are self-starters and handle their business, even when the coaches aren’t around.

The other guys are those who do nothing unless it’s on the practice plan or a coach tells them to do something. Some of these are afraid of doing the wrong thing. Others are just lazy. Either way, they aren’t leaders. Never will be.

Here’s a lesson from Proverbs 6:6-8–“Go to the ant, you slacker! Observe its ways and become wise. Without leader, administrator, or ruler, it prepares its provisions in summer; it gathers its food during harvest” (HCSB).

Ants don’t wait to be told what to do. They get to work anyway, taking care of what is necessary for thriving in the long term. What about you? Are you a leader, a person who takes initiative in doing what is right? Or, do you wait for the practice plan to be posted?

Here’s a prayer if you relate:

Lord, make me more like an ant! I want to be someone who lives like I’m called by you do take initiative and do what is right, even before someone tells me. Make me that kind of player and that kind of person. Amen.