It doesn’t take a guru of wisdom to observe that it is much easier to talk about doing something well than it is to actually do that something well. In fact, some people are so impressive with what they know and how they can discuss a subject that they convince everyone else of their proficiency at whatever it is they’re talking about. Yet, talking about being a great hitter or fielder is much different from actually stepping into the batter’s box or onto the field and producing.

Proverbs 25:14 speaks about it: (Like clouds and wind without rain is a man who boasts of gifts he does not give” (NIV 84).

Those who talk a good game are like clouds and wind…they may appear to be full of substance and convince many people that they are, but they fail to deliver. They are full of nothing but wind. This applies in baseball and in life.

Regarding the game itself, are you more full of style (talk) or substance (real performance)? Do you talk about how well you know how to hit or field or pitch, or do you actually go about getting better at those things? Style or substance, the choice is yours on the field.

Regarding the more important issue of life, I’ve heard it put this way: “We practice daily what we believe. The rest is just religious talk.” What a convicting statement! Is there any substance (daily evidence) of your faith in Christ, or is it just a bunch of clouds and wind? Is your life with Jesus pouring rain everywhere as He lives through you, or would you rather just talk about it and appear to be somewhat godly?

Here’s a prayer, if this relates:

Dear Lord Jesus, I want to be a person of substance, not just style, both on and off the field. I don’t want my claim of faith in you to be just like talking a good game. Please fill me and pour out of me who you are, every day. Don’t let me be a person who talks about what I don’t truly possess. Amen.