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Podcast: 2017 Managers of the Year

Why does the Manager/Coach of the Year award always go to the guy with the best players? Is a manager/coach automatically great because his team wins, or terrible because his team loses? Brad takes a look at three coaching realities and responsibilities we can learn...

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2017 Rookies of the Year Podcast

Does it mean something, nothing, everything? The Rookie of the Year award winners are a foregone conclusion in 2017, with Aaron Judge and Cody Bellinger as likely unanimous selections. What will it mean for their careers? What has it meant for the careers of others?...

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NLDS Preview Podcast

Brad is joined by his son, Hank, on the podcast to preview the National League Division Series. They recap the opening games in the ALDS, then discuss Gary Sanchez as a catcher, and give their picks for the NLDS. Search it on your podcast app or follow one of these...

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ALDS Preview Podcast

After a comeback victory in the American League Wild Card game, the New York Yankees now face the AL Central Division champion Cleveland Indians. Can the Yankees bullpen last through a five-game series? Will the Indians starting pitching be the difference? In the...

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Wild Card Preview Podcast

Hank Burns ("The Mayor") joins me on the podcast as we preview the Wild Card games. Search it on your podcast app or follow one of these links: Web iTunes Stitcher TuneIn...

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Working out over Christmas Break

Here are three workouts my son and I will be doing over Christmas break. These are a combination of circuits I've done before and examples of what my son does on a weekly basis. (Disclaimer: I'm not a personal trainer, just a dad/coach. You should check with your...

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Thanks, Baseball

I didn't make it to the Major Leagues. I didn't even get drafted. In reality, I was a decent, but not great, player. Yet, when I think about baseball, my mind isn't focused on what the game didn't give me, on what I didn't achieve, on the level I didn't reach....

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When Baseball Means Everything

Most of the time, baseball means nothing. On more occasions than I can count, I've wanted to shout that to people who put so much stock in what young kids do on the field. On more occasions than I can count, I've needed it shouted to me. In the grand scheme of life,...

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After Your Worst Day

Jake Arrieta threw a no-hitter against the Reds. And that was only part of the misery for Cincinnati. They lost 16-0. I've been a Reds fan all my life and it's hard to recall a worse day on the field than that. You and I know what it feels like, though. We've had our...

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Sometimes You Just Get Beat

I had a front row seat recently to watch two top-five programs, Vanderbilt and South Carolina, duel it out in Nashville. My son and I watched the second of the three-game series and it lived up to its billing. Vanderbilt, the 2014 National Champs, sent hard-throwing...

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