diamond devotions

Daily Wisdom and challenges from
Scripture, illustrated by the game.

The Older I Get, The Better I Was

Isn't it interesting how baseball guys tend to misremember the facts of their careers? The same old stories get better and better with every retelling. “The older I get, the better I was.” In most cases, it's for effect and is entirely innocent. However, if we aren't...

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My Son

The next time you go to the ballpark, pay attention to the relationship dads have with their sons. Some dads will be coaching their sons. Some dads will be in the stands cheering (or not) for their sons. Some dads won’t be there (and not just because they had to...

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Anyone Can Do It

He tried to make it as simple as possible. If you work hard at the game, it will reward you. If you do what I ask you to do, I will reward you. He didn't ask his players to have more pure talent. He didn't ask them to do what he knew they could not possibly do. He...

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Mismatched Uniforms

White at home. Gray on the road. You don't mix them. You'll never see a Big League team wear the white home jersey with the gray road pants, or vice versa. They just don't go together. Proverbs 26:1--"Like snow in summer and like rain in harvest, so honor is not...

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Love Them Enough to Tell Them the Truth

He entered coaching with one goal: to impact the lives of young men through the game of baseball. Over the years, he noticed something. Of all the things guys seemed to benefit from most, what they seemed to cringe about at first, what they seemed to crave later, what...

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A Good Reminder

He had been teaching them some new skills, pushing them beyond where they had gone before. They were capable, but they had just never thought of doing it this way. Now, they seemed hungry for more instruction. Slowly and surely, they had seen themselves improve, had...

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In Search of a Mentor

There have been several managers through the years in Major League Baseball who played for former Dodgers skipper Tommy Lasorda. There are only 30 teams in the Big Leagues, so Lasorda's legacy is impressive. Lasorda is one of baseball's historically great characters,...

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Our Dumbest Decisions

Most of us don't like to be told the truth. We want to go on believing we're doing a good job on the field, never truly craving the truth that can either reinforce what we're doing well or reverse what we're not doing well. But the truth, even sometimes harsh, is our...

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Pitch Recognition and Plate Discipline

There are two skills in baseball that, if not learned early in life, are both valuable and difficult to learn later. I'm talking about pitch recognition and plate discipline. Pitch recognition, the ability to see the ball out of the pitchers hand and decide at that...

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