diamond devotions

Daily Wisdom and challenges from
Scripture, illustrated by the game.

A Good Word

Sometimes failure is all you can see. I can’t get a hit, can’t get on base, can’t make a play, can’t get anyone out. As a player, I’m terrible. We don’t understand the game, can’t execute under pressure, and surely can’t... read more

You Can’t Do It Alone

You can’t do it on your own, whatever it is. Life. Baseball. Coaching. Parenting. Those who attempt a solitary effort quickly find an overwhelming experience. There’s just too much we don’t know about those things, too much we can’t know. We walk alone at our own... read more

The Voice of God

In the past thirty years, a welcome trend occurred across the baseball landscape. Old, multipurpose, “cereal bowl” stadiums were razed in favor of new ballparks with a classic look and feel. There is something unique about each one. An often-overlooked... read more


Recruiters are all the same. They have to be. It’s their job. Whether it’s recruiting for a regional travel team or a college, the recruiter has one job: sell you on his program. “It’s going to be great. You’ll love everything about it... read more


Sometimes the training never seems to end. Baseball is like that. If it’s not in-season practice and games, it’s summer ball. If it’s not summer ball, it’s fall ball. If it’s not fall ball, it’s winter conditioning. Lots of people... read more

Getting out of Your Own Way

He was a baseball scout’s dream. Tall, lean, and with a highly-projectable arm on the mound. Throwing velocity with ease, he also mixed in two offspeed pitches that could be devastating. But from the first time I met him, something seemed just off. From the first time... read more

Who Showed You How To Play and Live?

Who showed you how to play? Who showed you how to live? My dad showed me both. He loved the game. He loved Jesus. He was serious about both. Still is. We talked about the game. We talked about Jesus. We talked about how to play. We talked about how to live. He taught... read more

Baseball Lingo

Baseball has a lingo, a vernacular that only those closely associated with the game will understand. Most of the time, it’s repeated incessantly and seemingly for no reason. Here are a few phrases you might hear from the dugout (and what they mean). “Hey... read more

The Limits of Our Character

What’s the limit of your character? Have you found it yet? That point at which you begin to change for the worst in order to achieve the things you desire. That point at which your success or failure begins to bring out things in you that are better left hidden.... read more

Why We Need To Practice Every Day

“You know what’s expected of you. Do the right thing, no matter what everyone else is doing.” My son and I have had that conversation over and over. We have it–and will keep having it–because human nature simply doesn’t tend toward... read more

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