diamond devotions

Daily Wisdom and challenges from
Scripture, illustrated by the game.

Baseball Is a Simple Game

Baseball is simple, really. The point of offense is to avoid making outs. The point of defense is to get outs. If a team is proficient at both of those will make winning a difficult endeavor for its opponents. A team that understands those simple concepts finds itself... read more


You can’t play by your own rules and still play on the team. You can’t be on your own page and still be trusted by the administration to lead the program. You can’t do whatever you want and still be given advancing responsibility. That really goes without saying, but... read more


There’s no shortcut to scoring runs. Guys have to touch every base. If you don’t get guys on, you can’t score. If they miss a base on the way around, they’re out. It’s pretty simple. There’s no way around it. We accept this in a baseball game, but not always in life.... read more

The Cost of Anger

Baseball players and managers are notorious for their tempers. It’s always somewhat entertaining to watch the old videos of players taking out frustrations on dugout coolers, phones, and bat racks. Likewise, manager/umpire arguments throughout history have created... read more

Don’t Rely on Your Arm

The first groundball I remember fielding in college was routine. I was a freshman playing shortstop. Three-hopper my way, right at me. Field. Throw. Huh? How in the world did he beat that out? Proverbs 19:16 sheds some light on it–“He who keeps the... read more

Ballpark Food

I think the best ballpark food I’ve eaten was in Baltimore. Between Boog’s BBQ in right field, the cinnamon pretzels in the concourse, and the loaded Italian sausages all over, Camden Yards is not just a great place to watch a game. It’s a great... read more

“You’re Going to Get Hit”

“Be ready, you’re going to get hit,” said the coach to his leadoff batter in the bottom of the first inning. “Huh?” “Yep, I know the guy on the mound. We hit two of their guys in the top of the inning…he’s going to get... read more


Red Sox/Yankees. Cubs/Cardinals. Dodgers/Giants. Rivalries in baseball are great, full of rich history and hated on all sides. Bulletin board material typically presents itself, providing the offended team with an extra level of motivation. A true rivalry is a... read more

How to Know if You’re a Fool

His swing was broken, but he wouldn’t listen. Somehow, the plummeting batting and on-base averages weren’t enough for him to admit his need for help. Not only that…his life was broken, too. A series of rebellious decisions, in the face of pleading... read more

Hey, Neighbor

Who’s the player you wish wasn’t on your team? The coach you wish was in a different program? The parent you wish would go away? That player is a problem. That coach is a jerk. That parent is a handful. And they will continue to be that way, right? And as of yet,... read more

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